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why is age a problem

by pearl

im in love and i love a 46 year old man. im 23 but seems like he thinks its a problem now after we were intimate for a few months he tells me im too young. i feel as if i was a worthless piece of nothing. i miss him so very much. why would a man this age do something like this(he i not married)?

Noel's response

I assume it is because he has looked forward at the various stages of life, starting now, and realized that your age differences will be an issue, for example if you want children and he doesn't.

I would try not to take it personally (I realize that is difficult) as it probably has more to do with him than you.

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Dec 23, 2011
Re: Age
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I think that men in the 40's have problems because they often go through their midlife crisis. A lot of them leave long term relationship at this point and I don't think it is wise to try to get them to commit at this point. You are so young, should look for someone who have similar goals in life. It is so important in the long term. Most men in their 30's are looking to have a committed relationship and establish family. Take care and good luck.

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