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why is he avoiding me

by lonely

I am married woman and met a old childhood friend of mine we both r married and hit it off he asked me out for a drink and I joined with nothing on my mind .He was quite touchy feely during our first meet but gradually suggested we meet for drinks at his home since his family was away,I thought it wont be proper and declined and I could see that gradually it was me asking him everytime to meet and initally he always said he was busy but somehow last minute he used to change his mind and agree for the meet,we r just good friends and neither of us have displayed or expressed any romantic feelings for each other but am confused as to why he is advising me that if we meet our spouses would come to know and suspect,didn't he think of it when he asked me out initially? is he attracted to me and is avoiding me?

Noel's response

You really would have to ask him that question. But my guess is he had more than just 'friendship' on his mind when he first asked you out. As you have shown him you are not available for that, he may be withdrawing.

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