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Why say he loves me then meets a girl he doesn't know and say he loves her and starts dating her

by Pretty girl

Ok do me and my ex broke up on dec 9 because of stress

Then he got a job he kept telling me he loved me and we were Getting back together kept coming to see me etc.
Then he meets this girl at work that he doesn't even Know then three days later they are dating and he says He loves her and wants nothing to do with me
Then the other night I told him I found Someone
I like and that he was a good guy he started cussing About him saying he's stupid and dumb
He's never met the guy before or anything then when he Hangs up the phone he says I love you by ?

Noel's response

You don't mention either of your ages, but your ex sounds immature and chaotic, no matter what chronological age he is. It may well not be a midlife transition, but rather that he needs to grow up.

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