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Wife told me to go out and get my sex drive satisfied with someone else, then found out and filed for divorce.

My wife of many years told me she was no longer interested in sex, she released me from my vows and to go find someone to satisfy my sexual needs. So, after thinking about it, I decided not to go the route of a hooker, looked up an old girlfriend who had been divorced, was interested in having a 'fuck buddy', and we started a relationship. It went on for two years, then my wife found out about it. She was livid (still is) and filed for divorce.

Now this woman (and I can point to the places in the house where she was at when she told me) told me we had a marriage that consisted of a 'good team', a 'great companionship", but she did not love me as she used to.
I got tired of jerking off to porn and needed someone to have fun with in the bed. My old flame was just as eager and it has been fabulous. My wife tells me I was stupid if I believed her and now she is being successful in turning my kids and grand kids against me, friends as well. She will not tell them that I only did what she told me to do.
I do not want a divorce, and feel like she set me up.
I continue to communicate with my 'fuck buddy', we had cyber sex last night, she is very sensual.
Anybody out there who has a similar problem????
Screwed by someone who does not want to screw.........

Noel's response

Maybe someone has some advice.

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