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will he come back ?

My boyfriend of a short time has been going through alot lately. He is 60 - He tells me he still loves me and that I am the only one he wants but wants his space and at this minute won't even talk to me - should I give up hope of him coming back?

Noel's response

I don't know how long he the situation you describe as been going on, but if he has been your boyfriend for a short time, I am guessing he has 'wanted his space' for even a shorter time.

If he has recently been widowed, separated or divorced, he might have gotten into his relationship with you sooner than he should have, and needs time to properly grieve his former loss.

I suggest you decide how long you are willing to wait, and if he doesn't get in tough with you by that 'deadline', move on.

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Feb 26, 2013
will he come back?
by: NWF

Hello, Please do give him his space. Read the other comments I wrote to others here and go to that website for info on midlife crisis...this may not be that so read about it and see for yourself if it is.

Hugs, NWF

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