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will he ever get over this mid life crisis

by Joyce dalba
(Melbourne Fl USA)

My husband left me 5 mths ago, he says he loves me but not in love with me no more. he is very confused can't answer why he did this. He says he never said anything to me when I tryed to communicate to him. he says now that I always talked over and over about the same thing (work) I was just looking for his support and maybe a hug or for him to say it will be ok tommorrow another day it will get better. It just seems that it is so petty of a excuse for him to leave me. He holds in his words and thoughts all these years a never said anything to me because he said I wouldn't like what he would say to me. I don't believe he really knows what he wants. I have asked him for a divorce because he has been so mean to me, but I really don't think thats what he wants because i know thats not what I want. When will he get over this mid life crisis and will he try to come back to me or is it over with us. I been married 34 yrs to him is it just a turning point in his life or is this the end of our relationship. Please help.

Noel's response

He will get through his midlife transition, but whether he wants to get back together with you may depend on other things. Not everything in a marriage breakdown can be attributed to a midlife change.

If he does want to come back, and you still want him back, the two of you would be well advised to see a marriage counselor for a while to sort through the other issues in your marriage (e.g. his perception that you talk about the same thing over and over, your perception that he doesn't talk about things).

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