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Yes women have it also

by John
(Washington DC)


My wife's father passed away, our eldest went to college, and she has become a different person. Was always kind, extremely devoted. Now no interested in the marriage, or church, and not even much interested in her dog. She is 48. We did get her back to work full-time this year.

Problem: her father passed away January 2008, and this behaviour has been going on a long time. She is still living in the house, but I am suggesting she move out... I'm tired of dealing with it/her, and I need to deal with my own life without this distraction.

So yet again, the question: how long does this business go on? At what point does one pull the plug entirely instead of waiting for what seems like forever.

Noel's response

I can't say how long it will go on, or what is causing the change in her behaviour. It is possible she is still grieving her father's death, along with being perimenopausal. Here is as description of symptoms of perimenopause.

Sometimes a period of separation can be useful for both people, so it may be worth a try.

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